Bayou Classic 7438 20-Inch Cast-Iron Skillet
Bayou Classic 7438 20-Inch Cast-Iron Skillet

Bayou Classic 7438 20-Inch Cast-Iron Skillet

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Product Description

Experience a lifetime of cooking enjoyment with Bayou Classic cast iron cookware. This jumbo 20-in skillet retains heat evenly for cooking at lower temperatures & maintaining natural flavors. Deep sides keep food inside the skillet as ingredients are mixed & stirred. Ideal to simmer, sear, Braise & bake everything from meats, poultry, & seafood to seasonal vegetables. Gather with family & friends for warm dinners or Sunday brunches. Whatever occasion, cooking with Bayou Classic cast iron cookware adds a cozy farmhouse feel to the modern kitchen. Bottom of skillet is etched with an alligator for a unique Bayou detail.

This whopper of a skillet can barely be lifted by one person when it's empty, so keep a fellow cook handy if you have to move it when it's full of fried chicken! Measuring 20 inches in diameter and 3 inches deep, the skillet cooks up enough fish, hamburgers, eggs and bacon, or pancakes to feed the whole hunting or fishing party. Bayou Classic makes this monster out of rugged cast iron, so it's sturdy enough for just about any cooking situation-a campfire, outdoor gas or patio stove, indoor stove top or oven, you name it. To clean, simply rinse and scrub the skillet without detergent after each use. No assembly is required.

Before the first use, the cast-iron skillet should be seasoned at least once and preferably several times. This will help prevent rusting and creates a nonstick finish. After washing and drying thoroughly, the skillet should be coated with solid vegetable shortening, such as lard or bacon fat (not butter or margarine). Let the skillet 'bake' in a 300-degree-F oven for one hour, then remove and wipe off the excess. Spraying with a non-stick shortening after each use can also help season the pan. Bayou Classic makes a full range of heavy-duty cookers and cookware for the outdoor chef.--Ann Bieri

  • 20-In Skillet with loop helper handles
  • 3.25-In deep
  • Transfers and retains heat evenly
  • Stovetop, Oven, Broiler, grill and cooker safe
  • Seasoned to ease cleaning and prevent rust
  • Care instructions: Hand Wash