Bigfoot Poly Super Snow Scoop - Extra Deep Snow Shovel - 12" Handle 1202

Bigfoot Poly Super Snow Scoop - Extra Deep Snow Shovel - 12" Handle 1202

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Start digging right with theBigfoot Poly Super Snow Scoopby EMSCO Group.

This tool is wonderful for using as a snow shovel and powering through lots of snow in a short amount of time. The deep, poly resin scoop will fit a ton in each swipe but thatsnow won't stick to the surfacelike with some metal variants. The handle is made from aheavy-duty woodthat will hold up well over lots of use. Topping the handle of this great snow shovel is a formedpoly resin D-gripthat gives you plenty of room to use with or without a gloved hande. It's flared for comfort and control as you scoop away.

The entire unit is very lightweight so you won't tire as quickly as you move mounds of snow. But you aren't limited to just shoveling snow. The Super Snow Scoop can be used for any job that requires moving loose materials from one place to another.The Super Scoop can be used for snow, soil, potting mix, gravel, rocks, stones, ice salt, horse and livestock grain as well as many other uses.

The Poly Super Snow Scoop is made in the USA by EMSCO Groups, the original creators of the plastic snow shovel. Get yours today and start scooping!

  • LIGHTWEIGHT - The whole scoop is designed to be a super light snow shovel from the wooden handle to the poly resin scoop and grip for convenient use without tiring
  • FREEZE RESISTANT POLY SCOOP - The poly resin scoop and handle are molded from a durable and freeze tested plastic. Feel confident using this shovel for countless seasons.
  • LARGE D-GRIP - The large grip gives you plenty of room to fit a gloved hand and maintain control over the scoop as you work away
  • MULTIPURPOSE SNOW TOOL - This scoop is a great snow shovel that can be used to transport all kinds of loose material. Move gravel, soil, pottling mix, stone, grain and more with this one, simple tool.
  • TRUSTED BRAND – EMSCO, maker of the original plastic shovel, features a complete line of snow shovels and ice scrapers that are innovative, heavy-duty, and proudly made in the USA.