Iron Gym Ab Straps
Iron Gym Ab Straps
Iron Gym Ab Straps

Iron Gym Ab Straps

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Quick view Get Strong, Ripped Abs... Quick! Total Ab Workout: Lower Abs Upper Abs Obliques Entire Core 2 Ab Straps! Heavy Duty Ab Straps Hang From Iron Gym For Advanced Abdominal Exercises Attaches & Removes in Seconds! Heavy-Duty Construction Padded for Maximum Comfort Adjustable - One Size Fits All Transform your doorway into the ultimate abdominal exercise gym - Iron Gym, Ab Straps hang from the standard Iron Gym or Iron Gym Xtreme Total Upper Body Workout Bars so you can do all of the exercises you need to get strong, ripped, six-pack abs...quick! These professional-quality ab straps attach and remove from Iron Gym in seconds, while its heavy-duty construction supports up to a 300 lb. (136 kg) user - they're built to last! Built-in foam padding gives you maximum comfort so you can focus on your workout. They're fully adjustable too - one size fits all users. Now it's easy to get the strong, ripped abs you always wanted, right at home.

These ab straps are a worthwhile accessory to be used with the popular Iron Gym system, allowing you to challenge and strengthen your core abdominal muscles. Sturdy polyester construction can hold users up to 300 pounds, and the straps measure 11.5 by 13.1 inches (W x D).

About Iron Gym
As seen on TV, the Iron Gym (sold separately) offers challenging, muscle-building workouts at home or on the road -- anywhere there's a standard size door. The sturdy metal bar's unique design wraps around your doorframe, using leverage to remain securely in place without requiring the hassle or damage of inserting screws. When used properly, the Iron Gym helps strengthen and tone your entire upper body, and three different grip positions (narrow, wide, and neutral grips) let you switch up your body's positioning and continuously challenge your muscles.

  • Accessory for use with popular Iron Gym system
  • Allows you to challenge and strengthen core abdominal muscles
  • Sturdy polyester construction can hold users up to 300 pounds
  • Straps measure 11.5 by 13.1 inches (W x D)
  • As seen on TV, Iron Gym system mounts, tool-free, to any standard size door