Kapro 245 Mini Level
Kapro 245 Mini Level
Kapro 245 Mini Level
Kapro 245 Mini Level
Kapro 245 Mini Level

Kapro 245 Mini Level

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Size:4-Inch |  Style:Mini - Non Magnetic

The Kapro 245 mini-level is a 4" x 1.6" spirit level with one level and one adjustable incline vial for determining horizontal plane and incline with a sensitivity of 0.001"/inch, and rounded ends for fitting in a pocket. The vials are made of injection-molded acrylic to resist breakage. The incline vial has a top scroll for adjusting in 15° increments to read the angle of incline. The level has a molded plastic body for light weight and durability. Levels are used in the building trades, engineering, surveying, and metalworking, among other applications.

Levels are instruments that are used to determine the true horizontal or vertical plane of a surface. The most common type of level is the spirit level, or bubble level. Spirit levels have a liquid-filled, bowed tube (also called a vial) with a bubble that moves when slight adjustments are made to the level. When the bubble settles between marked points on the vial, it indicates that a surface is horizontally or vertically straight. Levels can have one or more vials to determine the horizontal plane, the vertical plane, or various points between, such as a 45-degree angle, simultaneously. Some levels include a laser line indicator that projects a horizontal or vertical beam on a surface. Bullseye levels, or surface levels, are circular, flat-bottomed spirit levels that determine whether a surface plane is level. Machinists’ levels are made of metal and have surfaces designed specifically for rugged use in a machine shop or tool room. Levels can range from highly-complex and accurate machines, such as those used in the surveying and construction industry, to precision instruments used in carpentry and other building trades, to simple, pocket-sized devices for do-it-yourself projects.

Kapro manufactures spirit levels, laser levels, layout tools, and measuring tools. The company, founded in Israel in 1974, meets International Organization of Standardization (ISO) standards 9001, 14001, and SA8000.

  • For determining horizontal plane and incline
  • Injection-molded acrylic vials-one level and one incline
  • Incline vial is adjustable in 15° increments for determining angle of incline
  • Rounded ends to fit in your pocket
  • Molded plastic body for light weight and durability