LDR 310 CA-12 Cap,Black

LDR 310 CA-12 Cap,Black

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Style:Flange |  Size Name:1 Inch

Product Description

LDR 31 f-1 Black Floor flange 1-inch. 1-Inch Black malleable floor flange fitting. Hydrostatic tested and protected from corrosion with Varnish. 15 psi and not used for drinking water.

From the Manufacturer

LDR 310 F-1 Black Floor Flange 1-Inch. 1-Inch Black Malleable Floor Flange Fitting. Hydrostatic tested and Protected from corrosion with varnish. 150 PSI and not used for drinking water.

  • 1-Inch Black malleable flange
  • Black malleable fitting
  • Hydrostatic tested
  • Protected from corrosion with varnish
  • Do not use for drinking water