One Shot BGMI-28TRQ Mold
One Shot BGMI-28TRQ Mold

One Shot BGMI-28TRQ Mold

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Size Name:4 oz

Just Scentsational Coyote Urine used widely by hunters, trappers and gardeners. Coyote urine is a great way to humanely trigger the "fight or flight" response in small nuisance animal pests. Quickly and effectively clear your yard and garden of unwanted small animals including rabbits, skunk, raccoons, squirrels, groundhogs, chipmunks and deer. Coyote scent is particularly frightening to many animals and scares them off quickly. Repeat the application every couple of weeks or after heavy rains. This product can also be used to "recharge" Just Scentsational Scentry Stones (sold separately).

  • Predator scent for home and garden
  • Organically mark your grounds as an active predator
  • Humane, deceptive marking aroma
  • All natural, fast acting, and safe around children and pets
  • Easy to apply on and around plants